God has created each child uniquely and they should be treated with respect, dignity and as someone important.



To offer your child a second home with a balanced program and a funfilled day where provision is made for his or her developmental needs: spiritual growth, challenging learning opportunities and physical activities for development and relaxation.

Fees can be paid electronically.

Registration: R600.00 (Includes Tiny Tots T-Shirt)
Daily Rate: Fullday R160.00 Halfday R130.00
Babies and Playgroup: Halfday: R2600.00  6H30 - 14:00
  Fullday: R2800.00  6H30  - 18:00
3 � 6 Year Olds: Halfday R2500.00  6H30 - 14:00
  Fullday R2700.00    6H30  - 18:00

Fees are payable in advance BEFORE the 3rd of each month.

Fees payable in full every month, including holidays from January to November.

10% surcharge on all payments received after the 3rd of the month.

Children that enroll after August, pay full school fees for December.

If fees are still outstanding by the 10th of the month, services to you and your child will be suspended with immediate effect.

Fees NOT paid by the 14th of each month will be handed over to our attorneys.

No refunds for holiday or absenteeism during a particular month.

If your child leaves the school, you need to give one calendar month written notice (calendar month starts on the 1st) or you will be held responsible for the account.

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